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Our Family Genealogy page includes links to pictures and information on these families:

Armstrong, Arnold, Avens/Avans/Evans, Bilbruck (Bilbrook/Bilbrough), Cagle, Claxton/Clarkson, Cox, Cawthon, Divine/Devine, Dow, Givens, Glidewell, Harris, Haun, Hicks, Marston, Moffatt, Polk, Swett, Ti(e)nney, Umsted, Utley, Webb, Wiseman, Witt, Yarbrough

Charts and allied families list for Swett, Moffatt, Bilbruck, Marston, and Hicks lines
Henry County, Tennessee Books for Sale at the Henry County Archives:
Inscriptions in Stone (cemetery records for 423 cemeteries)
McEvoy Funeral Home Records (1901-1991)
Henry County Bible Records
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